About Us 

AOM Business Consultants Inc. is a structured, financed, organized and fully equipped company to help your business be a part of mainstream America.

We are currently working with leading global players from industries such as - management consultants, entertainment, textile, healthcare services and fashion.

Globalization and AOM
We ask you the obvious question - What has globalization done for your business?

The past decade has introduced a new era in the globalization of the world economy, with major strategic and operational implications for businesses worldwide. Globalization has brought in intense competition as every company worth its "penny" is striving to be a leader in their industry. 

This step-up function has increased the complexity for each company vying for the global market share of the pie in the USA. The US market brings in a whole new aspect to your globalization plans; your company has to deal with many more markets than in the past and at multiple stages of economic development. This move builds more complex organizational structures something beyond traditional export-oriented models of globalization.
Our Practice
As much as globalization practice has opened up multitude avenues of opportunities, the risks of the new global business environment and economic investment cannot be overlooked.

This is where we step in - AOM Business Consultants provides you with the fundamental infrastructure of setting up a business in the US. This helps your business since the investment is at half the cost of setting up an office and maintaining staff. Every business looks for a quick ROI (return on investment) and our services help your business with immediate cash flow and savings. 

Therefore, making us, AOM Business Consultants, an affordable luxury for all the companies seeking to brand themselves in the US without any pressure, politics or economic damage. Not to forget, you get the service of mainstream America at half the cost.

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